FSA/HSA Eligible

1 Year Limited Warranty

(24 customer reviews)


We have designed the same advanced features as hearing aids, costing $4,000.00 or more. The Mach I hearing aid continues to be a workhorse of reliability and performance. Its behind-the-ear design is not only extremely small but delivers premium, basic sound amplification through our advanced digital signal processor. Highly rated water and dust resistance IP57.

  • State-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing
  • Active Noise Reduction on 33 individual bands
  • Adaptive Feedback Cancellation for better whistling control
  • They are so comfortable that you might forget you have them on.


  • Power Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for HD Sound
  • State-of-the-art compression architecture to amplify soft sounds, not loud sounds
  • Active Noise Reduction for maximum comfort in noise
  • Directional MEMS Microphones to enhance speech understanding in noise
  • Extremely low system noise for quiet when it is quiet
  • Adaptive Feedback Canceller to stop “whistling”
  • Extended high frequency amplification where most people need it most
  • 4 program presets: Home, Restaurant, Outdoors, Music


  • Extremely small size makes Sonify hearing aids virtually invisible
  • Sleek and thin design to minimize interference for those wearing glasses
  • Proprietary tube and eartip designs make these so comfortable, you’ll forget you are wearing them
  • Super lightweight Behind-The-Ear style dramatically reduces itching and occlusion occurring with In-The-Ear designs
  • New industrial design for a modern, high-tech look


  • Engineered with decades of experience in quality and reliability
  • Nanocoated for protection from everyday moisture, dust and debris
  • Robust mechanical design to withstand everyday wear and tear
  • Exclusive microphone port design to protect from moisture and debris

24 reviews for MACH I
FSA/HSA Eligible

  1. Tom S

    They’re a great price! The Customer Service Manager is great too!

  2. Chuck H.

    I had been using another brand of hearing aids for over a year. Those hearing aids worked well for hearing people in quiet surroundings. But they had problems dealing with noises and with noisy backgrounds when people were talking. It was often a very frustrating experience.

    Also, in a group conversation, like a Zoom meeting, some people were way too loud, and others were way too soft. To compensate for the problem, I was always having to open the hearing aid app on my phone to make adjustments, changing the volume every time certain people spoke.

    I decided to try Sonify hearing aids, to do a reality check, to see if my problems would exist with any brand. I thought I had nothing to lose, with the low price and money-back guarantee.

    When the new hearing aids arrived, I put them into my ears. I could hear what people were saying almost all of the time. I didn’t have to keep changing the volume, and external noises weren’t driving me crazy. This seemed almost too good to be true, because they worked so well!

    The previous hearing aids were one of the best known brands around, and cost me more than 10 times as much as the Sonifys! Yet, the Sonifys serve my needs much better.

    Making the switch seems similar to going from driving a stick shift car to an automatic. I am a very satisfied customer.

  3. Donna

    My husband has been very happy that I have the Mach 1. He says I hear a lot better.

  4. Sharon

    I love my hearing aids! I even told my sister-n-law!

  5. Jason

    I am very pleased with the Mach 1’s. They are comfortable, effective, easy to use, as well as affordable. I have worn my insturments for 6 weeks with no trouble.

  6. Lisa

    I purchased these for my mother, she said I have never had a pair of hearing aids that are so comfortable. She really likes when we in a resturaurant she does not have any ground noise.

  7. Donald

    I am satisfied with Sonify hearing aids. They are comfortable and very easy to use. I especially like the outdoor mode, I can hear the birds singing.

  8. John

    Took me about a week to get used to them. They are working great! Only problem I had was needing to get new face masks, as the ones that I had were the ones that had ear hoops. Other than that all is well!!

  9. Virgil

    I am hearing much better. I now tell my wife she needs to not speak so loud.

  10. Tom

    They worked right out of the box and they sound fine.

  11. Rachael W.

    I love my Sonify hearing aids. Before I got them I had to turn up the TV so loud that I was giving my husband headaches. Now I have to turn it down. They are so comfortable I wear them all day. The company backs up their product. I had a problem with one and they send out a replacement at no charge. My husband is even thinking of getting a set for himself. I would recommend them to everyone!

  12. Dave G.

    I’ve been more than satisfied with Sonify Hearing products and service. I know I was having hearing decline –mostly having trouble hearing people with soft voices and with some television shows, especially movies in which the voices sounded muffled to me. However, I hated thinking about having hearing exams and spending more than $5,000 for hearing aids. I saw both my mother and mother-in-law go through that processed expense and still have trouble with their products.
    I first heard about Sonify while listening to Dave Lee on his WCCO radio morning show. He described the company as small and personable with an affordable product. I made the call and immediately was talking with a Sonify agent. He answered all my questions. I found he used the product, so being a runner and a skier, I asked if I could were these comfortably with a stocking cap. He assured me I could and had done that in the morning while walking his dogs. He also assured me that I would get a full refund if I wasn’t satisfied. There was no sales-talk pressure.
    Then he said something that rang true with me. “Some people know they have a hearing problem but maybe it’s not a $5,000 problem. For $500(sale price) you can see if these help”
    The hearing aids arrived in 2 days and I’ve been happy with them from the start. I hear other people much better as their soft voices are louder and clearer. I can also watch movies now without missing entire scenes of conversation. Everything is louder and more clear. I enjoy the difference modes, such as Outside, Music, etc.. They do make a difference.
    I have had the hearing aids for 3 months now and absolutely no problems. Batteries last more than a week, so I’m happy with that too. I am glad to have found such a good hearing aid product at an affordable price.

  13. Lois

    I am really enjoying my hearing aids. It took me a few days to feel comfortable getting them into my ears. Now I am a pro. I like them so much my daughter getting a pair as well!

  14. Gerry

    “The hearing aids are working fine and it is interesting that there were a lot of sounds that I found that I was missing. I knew that hearing aids were in my future, and as I put them in each morning, I am reminded that without them there are things that I would be missing.”

  15. Mike Jentges

    Very pleased! Still playing with the modes and so fourth but I like them so far.

  16. Paul P.

    These instruments have great sound quality. I like the program changes for different environments and the volume control works good if I need to increase. they worked right out of the box. I recommend them.

  17. James S.

    I had purchased a set of instruments for $4,000 dollars and did not receive much benefit besides the cost was outrageous. Thankfully we found out about Sonify Hearing. The instruments work right out of the box and I am hearing very well, everyone in the family has noticed even my grandson said my speech is better.
    Thank you Sonify!

  18. Barbara

    My husband would not go to a hearing provider. I heard about SonifyHearing, they promised their instruments would work right out of the box and THEY DID! He is more engaged in life and can hear everything I say.
    No one knows he is even wearing the instruments, from behind they look like they are part of his eye glasses and he loves that no one notices.

  19. Elaine

    I loved the ease of use right out of the box. The instruments have great sound quality, I can tell I am missing so much when I do not have them on. Their customer service is incredible, they answered all my questions with a smile in their voice.

  20. Michael T.

    Sonify has been a pleasure to work with. The aids are working great and I have given a copy of your info to my son.

    I spent 37 years with Medtronic, from 1970 to retirement so I appreciate the challenges of the medical device industry and the satisfaction and “emotional income” of improving patient’s lives.

    Sonify has improved mine… and at a very affordable price.

  21. Larry B.

    The instruments sound great, I adjust them once in the morning and do not need to adjust again regardless of the environment I am in. They are so comfortable I forget I am wearing them. Great products!!

  22. Paul P.

    They are a great value for the money I spent. I did not realize what I had been missing!

  23. Jennifer A.

    I heard about Sonify on WCCO radio one morning. I was skeptical but thought I would order the hearing aids and just see…. they work right out of the box just like they are advertised and are amazing!!!
    This is my first experience using hearing aids. I put it off for so long because of the cost and then I found Sonify!!!
    Thank you!!!!

  24. E. Krause

    I can hear very well with these hearing aids. They are easy to use. They DO work right out of the box just like they said they would. I love the price. I am hearing so much better.

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