FSA/HSA Eligible

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The Mach I Pro is Sonify’s newest family member featuring extended high frequency amplification for professional grade sound. The Receiver-In the-Canal (RIC) design is by far, the most popular style of hearing aid sold by hearing professionals. We have also added even more advanced features with a very affordable price.

  • Extended High Frequency Amplification
  • Noise Guardian™ – instant control of loud,
    sudden sounds.
  • Advanced Whistle Control™ – Actively controls whistling automatically
  • Active Noise Reduction on 49 individual bands
  • Almost invisible on the ear
  • Highly rated water and dust resistance IP57
  • State-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing
  • Adaptive Feedback Cancellation for better whistling control
  • They are so comfortable that you might forget you have them on.

Noise Guardian™ explained: Even with the most advanced noise reduction systems, sudden, loud sounds can be perceived as sharp. Dishes in the sink clanking, doors slamming and other sounds like these are now automatically reduced with Sonify’s Noise Guardian™. The end result is an even smoother sound that makes the sounds you love to hear audible but keeps the loudest, annoying sounds comfortable. It just works, right out of the box.


Noise GuardianTM explained


  • Powerful Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for HD sound
  • Receiver-In-the-Canal Design for extended high frequency amplification
  • State-of-the-art compression architecture with Noise Guardian™ to amplify soft sounds, but not loud, sudden noise.
  • Active Noise Reduction on 49 bands for maximum comfort in noise
  • Directional MEMS Microphones to enhance speech understanding in noise
  • Extremely low system noise for quiet when it is quiet
  • Adaptive Feedback Canceller to stop “whistling”
  • 4 program presets: Home, Restaurant, Outdoors, Music


  • Extremely small size makes Sonify hearing aids virtually invisible
  • Sleek and thin design to minimize interference for those wearing glasses
  • Proprietary tube and eartip designs make these so comfortable, you’ll forget you are wearing them
  • Super lightweight Behind-The-Ear style dramatically reduces itching and occlusion occurring with In-The-Ear designs
  • New industrial design for a modern, high-tech look


  • Engineered with decades of experience in quality and reliability
  • Nanocoated for protection from everyday moisture, dust and debris
  • Robust mechanical design to withstand everyday wear and tear
  • Exclusive microphone port design to protect from moisture and debris


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