“Sonify has been a pleasure to work with. The aids are working great and I have given a copy of your info to my son. I spent 37 years with Medtronic, from 1970 to retirement so I appreciate the challenges of the medical device industry and the satisfaction and “emotional income” of improving patient’s lives. Sonify has improved mine… and at a very affordable price.”
– Michael T.


“I had purchased a set of instruments for $4,000 dollars and did not receive much benefit besides the cost was outrageous. Thankfully we found out about Sonify Hearing. The instruments work right out of the box and I am hearing very well, everyone in the family has noticed even my grandson said my speech is better. Thank you Sonify!”
– James S.


“My husband would not go to a hearing provider. I heard about SonifyHearing, they promised their instruments would work right out of the box and THEY DID! He is more engaged in life and can hear everything I say. No one knows he is even wearing the instruments, from behind they look like they are part of his eye glasses and he loves that no one notices.”
– Barbara


“I loved the ease of use right out of the box. The instruments have great sound quality, I can tell I am missing so much when I do not have them on. Their customer service is incredible, they answered all my questions with a smile in their voice.”
– Elaine


“The instruments sound great, I adjust them once in the morning and do not need to adjust again regardless of the environment I am in. They are so comfortable I forget I am wearing them. Great products!!”
– Larry B.


“They are a great value for the money I spent. I did not realize what I had been missing!”
– Paul P.


“I heard about Sonify on WCCO radio one morning. I was skeptical but thought I would order the hearing aids and just see…. they work right out of the box just like they are advertised and are amazing!!! This is my first experience using hearing aids. I put it off for so long because of the cost and then I found Sonify!!! Thank you!!!!”
– Jennifer A.


“I heard about Sonify on Dave Lee. I thought I would try time. They work better than my old aids I paid a lot more for. I recommend them very much”
– Gary L.


“I can hear very well with these hearing aids. They are easy to use. They DO work right out of the box just like they said they would. I love the price. I am hearing so much better.”
– E. Krause


“I am truly amazed at how hearing aids have changed. I bought my first pair 30 years ago. I heard noises that I had never heard before like the sounds of the refrigerator. In my profession there were a lot of different sounds going on that was very distracting. There were no adjustments that I could make in the different surroundings I was in. It cost me a lot of money but it was not comfortable to wear them. I finally decided to try hearing aids again a few years ago because it was getting harder to hear what people were saying. I really enjoyed them but I was always conscious of losing them, and then one day it finally happened. It cost a lot of money to replace, so I decided not to buy another pair. Now thanks to Modern Hearing I can try these new affordable hearing aids. They work just as well as the expensive hearing aids. I can adjust the sounds to my surroundings. I’m thankful and very happy that I can hear again.”
– Jeremy


“After 43 years in construction many before ear protection was introduced have given me years of hearing loss. these Modern hearing aids work better than any I’ve had before and all of them cost several times more. I would highly recommend them.”
– Ron


“I haven’t heard well for a number of years. I procrastinated for a long time. Finally, my grandson told me he was sad because I couldn’t hear him very well. I asked my ENT what he would recommend and he told me Sonify was a good choice for my hearing loss. I bought them and I’ve never looked back. I can hear like I used to 20 years ago! It sound corny but It is like getting a new lease on life! AND my grandson, Victor, can talk with me for hours and I don’t miss a word.”
– Alex


“I have worn hearing aids for a number of years. I had to make appointments and go to the clinic several times for fitting and adjustments. I spent over $4,000 for hearing aids and while they worked, they never felt comfortable. Sonify hearing aids work as good or better and feel great! I have gone to sleep with them on many times they’re so comfortable and a fraction of the price of my old aids.”
– Elaine