Affordable Hearing Innovation

Sonify Hearing firmly believes making a premium hearing aid affordable does not mean you have to sacrifice performance or quality. With Sonify Hearing hearing aids, you receive the same innovation, advanced engineering and precision manufacturing found in hearing aids costing thousands of dollars more. How do we know? Because that’s exactly what we used to do before Sonify Hearing!

At Sonify Hearing, we are committed to innovation and technology where it matters most: Sound Quality, Comfort, Easy of Use and Durability. And we package all of this in a nearly invisible design that looks and feels great on the ear!

Sonify behind the ear hearing aid

Superior Sound Quality

Sonify Hearing’s superior sound quality is achieved via state-of-the-art hardware, advanced acoustic processing and our engineer’s meticulous programming and testing. Advanced MEMS Directional Microphones, High Definition Speakers, Multichannel Compression/Expansion, Active Background Noise reduction, Adaptive Feedback Canceller and over 20 years of experience developing and optimizing hearing aid technology. With Sonify Hearing, your ears will be treated to crisp, clear and comfortable sound with minimal background noise.

Virtually Invisible Hearing Aid Tube

All Day Comfort

We understand that comfort is just as important as sound quality so you can wear your hearing aids all day long. Great hearing aids should provide an experience so comfortable that you forget you are even wearing them. That’s why Sonify Hearing hearing aids are designed to be lightweight, refined and extraordinarily comfortable. Our discrete and proprietary tube design softly hugs the natural curves of the ear, ending in silicone eartips so soft you may forget they are even there.

Sonify products are easy to use

Easy to Use

Great engineering creates simplicity from complexity. At Sonify Hearing, we leveraged our many years of audio experience and the latest in hearing science to design, test and optimize a system for mild to moderate hearing loss that just works and sounds great, right out of the box. No need for multiple trips to the clinic for tuning and sound quality adjustments. Just put them on and adjust the volume. Our technology and automatic processing will take care of the rest.

Sonify products are built to last

Built to Last

Sonify Hearing engineers have successfully launched over 60 hearing products in the last two decades with literally millions still in use today. So, we know what it takes to design exceptional durability and make our products last. Sonify Hearing hearing aids are made with high quality components and materials and are designed and thoroughly tested with precision engineering tools and equipment. Our hearing aids also feature state-of-the-art nanocoating technology to help protect against everyday moisture, body oils and debris and meet an ingress protection rating of IP57.