New! MACH I Pro (1 Pair) (Coming Soon)

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Now just $699.00

Free 1 Year Batteries
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The Mach I Pro is Sonify’s newest family member featuring extended high frequency amplification for professional grade sound. The Receiver-In the-Canal (RIC) design is by far, the most popular style of hearing aid sold by hearing professionals. We have also added even more advanced features with a very affordable price.

  • Extended high frequency amplification for crisp, clear sound
  • Highly water resistant – IP57
  • 49 bands of active noise reduction
  • Open Fit design for natural own voice
  • Advanced feedback cancellation for better feedback control
  • Super small design is almost invisible on the ear
  • Crisp, clean, distortion free sound carefully crafted to work right out of the box
  • State-of-the-Art directional microphones to hear better in the direction you are facing
  • Experienced and friendly support staff
  • Call Toll Free 1-833-668-4326
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  • Powerful Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for HD sound
  • State-of-the-Art compression architecture to amplify soft sounds, not loud sounds
  • Active Noise Reduction now on 49 bands
  • Extended High Frequency amplification for even better clarity for speech, music and other sounds.


  • Extremely small size makes Sonify hearing aids virtually invisible
  • Sleek and thin design to minimize interference for those wearing glasses
  • Proprietary tube and eartip designs make these so comfortable, you’ll forget you are wearing them
  • Super lightweight Behind-The-Ear style dramatically reduces itching and occlusion occurring with In-The-Ear designs
  • New industrial design for a modern, high-tech look


  • Engineered with decades of experience in quality and reliability
  • Nanocoated for protection from everyday moisture, dust and debris
  • Robust mechanical design to withstand everyday wear and tear
  • Exclusive microphone port design to protect from moisture and debris


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